Overview of the public consultation of stakeholders and of Member States and RSPG prior to the submission of the RSPP proposal.

To identify stakeholder views on strategic issues for spectrum policy in the coming years, the European Parliament and the Commission co-organised the first EU Spectrum Summit on 22-23 March 2010 in Brussels (see agenda and discussion paper). The Summit recognised the importance of spectrum in supporting EU policy initiatives to foster economic growth and social inclusion, especially through developing wireless broadband, but also for developing broadcasting, smart energy grids and applications for public safety, among others.

The efficient use of spectrum was a key principle that met with unanimous support: in future this could be facilitated through effective and regular reviews of spectrum use. Another recurring concern was that economies of scale can only be created in Europe with EU co-ordination and, where necessary, harmonisation. While some diverging views were expressed, there was a clear acknowledgment that difficult decisions would have to be taken to reconcile competing needs and interests in using the scarce resource of spectrum.

A key focus of the summit was the digital dividend. There was substantial support for taking an ambitious and consistent approach to the 800 MHz band, while fostering development of advanced television services in other parts of the UHF band. In general it was felt that spectrum should be accessible to innovative services and technologies coming out of European research programmes, to increase the return on R&D investment while supporting EU industry and allowing EU citizens to benefit.

A video recording of the proceedings is available on the web page of the ITRE committee of the European Parliament. Vice President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes, Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, addressed the participants on the theme Radio spectrum – why Europe needs effective co-ordination.

Following the Spectrum Summit, to develop the proposal for the first EU Radio Spectrum Policy Programme, the Commission conducted a public consultation in March-April 2010. Many stakeholders used this opportunity to send their responses.

In June 2010 the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) provided its own opinion to the Commission to assist in the preparation of the Radio Spectrum Policy Programme. Based on a prior public consultation, the RSPG adopted its opinion on 9 June 2010.