On the 17th July the final review of the project funded by the European Union took place in Vigo (Spain). The achievements that have been obtained exceeded initial expectations.

Picture of a car used in the Opener project

Opener integrates technological functionalities such as predictive energy need estimation from route computation, environment sensing and communication with the infrastructure, coasting assistance for cars ahead, and feed back to the driver through the accelerator pedal on recommended settings. The combined use of these  functionalities into green electric vehicles results in more energy-efficient, clean and optimal driving. After years of simulations and building two prototypes, it was the first time that all the functionalities were integrated and operated together. Awareness of the surroundings, better anticipation, and energy saving are the keys of the Opener project.

One of the most important achievements is improved energy efficiency for electric cars up to 30% in return for a longer travel time of just 14 percent. For example, thanks to the use of 3D GPS with anticipation of up and down slopes and within advance knowledge of traffic and road signs, the system avoids wasting unnecessary energy.

The systems developed by Opener will soon be progressively integrated in new models of electric cars that are available in the market. Six partners of 4 European countries have worked in this research that started on 2011 and with a cost of almost 8€ million.

The main amount was funded by the European Commission.

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