The online consultation aims to explore some specific new areas where mathematics in Europe could make a real difference. Tell us what are the new areas emerging in mathematics definitely worth investing in at European level which we can expect to produce ground breaking outcomes for Europe in key areas such as HPC and big data analytics? Are there other vital areas worth mentioning?

Mathematics is recognized today as essential and indispensable for addressing the major challenges in science, technology and society. Faced with the abundance of data on social, technical, economic, ecological, and technological systems new and sophisticated mathematical tools are required for these data to help us tackle pressing societal challenges and provide us with the necessary technological advantages. The “knowledge society” is “ignorant” without mathematics!

As science becomes data-driven, data analysis and computing become central to research. Big data and HPC give promise to enable exploring completely new scientific frontiers, there are unlimited possibilities! Mathematical methods and algorithms are the basis for the needed data processing and data analysis. The tools used are mathematical methods such as simulation, optimisation, modelling and pattern recognition. Optimised algorithms and new mathematical solutions are key for parallel computing, for exascale requirements and for extreme data set analysis. More exotic approaches are needed, often originating in theoretical and abstract mathematics - and these must be accompanied by interdisciplinary competencies from applied mathematics and computer sciences

We welcome you to contribute by:

  • commenting on proposed areas;
  • proposing new areas;
  • pointing out application domains where new mathematics are needed;
  • proposing problems the solving of which will bring Europe towards exa scale, quantum computing or new, fast ways for big data analytics

Please join the Digital4Science platform, share your ideas with us or comment on other contributions.

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