The CIPS 2010 Calls for proposals have been published in the frame of the EU programme on "Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security Related Risks" for the period 2007-2013 which proposes accompanying financial measures for the implementation of EPCIP, the European Programme on Critical Infrastructure Protection, that is managed and coordinated by DG Freedom, Security and Justice. One of the priority lines of the calls aims to support the policy initiative and the action plan on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) - COM(2009) 149 – adopted in March 2009, in particular through: a) further developing pan-European exercises on network security incidents with a view to support the European participation in global exercises, b) strengthening the cooperation between National/Governmental Computer Emergency Response Teams and, c) advancing the development and deployment of a European Information Sharing and Alert System reaching out to citizens and SMEs providing to them tailored information on threats, risks and alerts affecting electronic networks; Any questions concerning these calls for proposals may be sent by e-mail to: Questions concerning the scope and background of the three sub-mentioned priority lines may be sent directly to valerie.andrianavaly (at) Please note that the deadline for the CIPS 2010 II call is 15 November 2010.