From now on, also Swiss citizens can use the epSOS project Patient Summary service when going to another epSOS (European patients Smart Open Services) piloting country. And there is more epSOS news - important with the summer vacation approaching!


It's nearly summer vacation, many people are going abroad. That doesn't mean that citizens should forsake their right on receiving their own personalized health treatment and medication: with the Patient Summary and ePrescription the EU funded epSOS project offers just that.

What's new?

Switzerland in pilot operation mode

Since 19 June 2013 Swiss citizens are able to make use of the epSOS Patient Summary service when going to another epSOS piloting country.  The University Hospitals of Geneva as participating pilot site offer the epSOS Patient Summary service for outgoing Swiss patients. "Switzerland is not a member state of the EU, yet our experiences in epSOS are of great value to us“, says Adrian Schmid, Head of the Swiss Coordination Office for eHealth. The Swiss epSOS Patient Summary can then be retrieved by an authorized health professional in one of the many epSOS pilot sites abroad (see:

With Switzerland joining the pilot operation phase, the epSOS services have now reached beyond the EU MS borders!

For further information about the Swiss epSOS pilot visit the Swiss subsite under (in German or French).

Results from the epSOS Projectathon in Istanbul

During the epSOS Projectathon, held in conjunction with the European IHE Connectathon from 15 - 19 April 2013 in Istanbul (Turkey), the following 7 countries validated their implementations of IHE profiles in the context of the epSOS use cases with the OpenNCP solution that connects the national eHealth system of a Participating Nation to the epSOS network and is available under Open Source licenses.
epSOS testing team at Istanbul Connectathon 2013
Actual testers:
1.    Croatia: eP/eD-B                     
2.    Hungary: PS-B, eP/eD-B         
3.    Malta: PS A & B            
4.    Slovenia: PS A & B                  
5.    Switzerland: PS-A                    

On-site supportive participants:
1.    Finland: eP/eD A & B   
2.    Portugal: PS A & B                  

In total 77 Gazelle tests and 12 end-to-end functional tests were performed for the Patient Summary, electronic Prescription and Dispensation use cases.

The testers enjoyed very much the physical presence of experts from the OpenNCP Team in Istanbul; it has been great assistance for them. The actual testers and the OpenNCP were quite pleasant with the Gazelle test artefacts as well, which have been continuously improving through the provided feedback and IHE-Europe's planned updates. Some minor issues were detected both in OpenNCP and Gazelle test artefacts, a majority of which were immediately fixed during the Projectathon. The remaining ones have been fixed after the Projectathon. The OpenNCP Team is now focusing on integration of the OpenNCP Continuous Integration (CI) environment with the validator and simulator tools of Gazelle, for ensuring the quality of the developed software automatically in parallel with development.

OpenNCP version 2.0.0 released

As a result of a big effort made by the OpenNCP team the new version 2.0.0 of the  epSOS OpenNCP has been released on 20.06.2013. This version is the first to include the functionality of the new epSOS services - Patient Access (PAC) and Health Care Encounter Report (HCER). The basic epSOS services are also included, together with the well-known epSOS Audit trail specifications (an update will be included in a next release).

Please check the  release notes page where you will find all the updated information, together with some new items, such as several statistics and others!

Pilot Approval of 7 new countries

During the epSOS Project Steering Board (PSB) meeting on 12 June 2013 in Stockholm the board mandated the epSOS Project Coordination to approve the below listed candidate piloting countries upon completion of review and acceptance by the PSB Legal group and the Technical Project Management Team of legal, technical, organizational and semantic conditions and review thereof by two additional PSB representatives.

•    Estonia (PSA+B)
•    Croatia (epB)
•    Finland (epA+B)
•    Hungary (epB + PSB)
•    Malta (PSA+B)
•    Slovenia (PSA+B)
•    Sweden (epA+B)

Those national teams are currently working hard towards the goal of reaching the technical, organizational and legal readiness to soon start with the pilot operation phase.

Semantic interoperability of ePrescriptions report

epSOS WP3.D technical liaison has finalized the report on the findings of the workshop on semantic interoperability of electronic prescriptions (eP) in the cross border setting which was held in Copenhagen 11 – 12 October 2012.

More info on epSOS here.