The first Nordic Digital Agendas Day will be dedicated to innovations and future plans in the field of information society focusing especially on eGovernment.

During the conference Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Estonia will share the visions and major action lines of their digital agendas. In addition, each country will introduce some crazy, yet necessary ideas the realization of which be a challenge today, but could prove to be valuable experiences and inspirations for other countries.

When and where: April 25, 2014 at SwissĂ´tel Tallinn, Estonia

Key Targets: The event is meant for everybody interested in the development of eGovernment in the Nordics. It will provide food of thought for those wishing to compare the ICT-related challenges of their country to those of others. The conference will be a place to get new ideas and meet ICT policy makers from all over Europe.

Nordic Digital Agendas Day is part of the Estonian ICT Week 2014, happening during April 23-30.