7 new organizations are joining the Grand Coalition. They are committing to offer thousands of ICT training opportunities, raise awareness about ICT jobs and empower women with the digital skills of today and tomorrow.

We gladly welcome 7 new partners to the Grand Coalition, which now counts a total of 47 pledging organisations. The new partners have committed to implement concrete digital skills projects that will reach thousands of people over the next years:

  • Accenture will provide digital training opportunities to equip 700,000 people around the world by 2015 with the skills to get a job or build a business.
  • BEBRAS will develop a common framework and methodology for informatics curricula and provide trainings for informatics teachers.
  • Bubble Jobs will raise awareness of and promote digital apprenticeships to UK job seekers and a minimum of 50,000 small to medium-sized businesses in the UK in the next 18 months.
  • Girls in Tech Luxembourg will empower women with the right skills so they can gain more confidence with technology, overcome gender stereotypes around ICT and access to the opportunities digital and digital economy have to offer.
  • Inspiring Fifty will showcase female role models to raise awareness and inspire over 1 million girls and young women on the possibilities of careers in the digital technology sector.
  • Liberty Global will offer concrete support to several digital skills projects, including CoderDojo and YouRock.
  • Women & Girls Go Digital in Greece will bring together 21 Greek and European stakeholders under one alliance, the first of its kind in Greece, in order to enhance the digital skills of women and the role of women in the technology sector.

Updates from earlier pledges

Moreover, earlier pledging organizations are making tangible progress towards achieving their commitments:

  • Samsung will provide additional trainee places in Tech Institutes (structured courses) and "Smart School" places, i.e. training for school pupils and teachers, which offer essential skills for the digital economy, such as coding. So far more than 20,000 young people have benefited by Samsung’s digital education programme. By the end of 2014, the programme will reach 25,500 school children and over 7,000 students. By the end of 2019, Samsung estimates that it will have directly benefited more than 400,000 young people.
  • Telefonica's initiative to support young people in Europe, Think Big, has surpassed its ICT skills pledge by over 1,300 participants to help decrease digital skills gap across the continent. In particular, Telefonica's pledge was to have 7,000 people actively participate in the company's Think Big Schools programme. Think Big Schools actually educated 7,764 young people across Europe. During Campus Party 2013 - the world’s largest digital entertainment event – Think Big along with Mozilla and 15 other digital partners ran the Make the Web zone, which added a further 450 participants. Combine that amount with those who participated in a magazine competition (Heat Hack) running throughout October, 2013 and Telefonica not only reached their Grand Coalition pledge of 7,000 but surpassed it with a grand total of 8,314.
  • YouRock is launching soon. It will be available in 13 languages at the outset, and hopefully more to follow soon after that. It will help young people across Europe to identify the skills they did not realise they already had, give them the language of employers to describe those skills and encourage them in the direction of ICT careers. They will build a job profile that was designed with them in mind. Its initial development has been sponsored by Liberty Global, the largest international cable company with operations in 14 countries. It has been shortlisted for the #DiogoChallenge, the EC Social Innovation Competition 2014.

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