INCA aims to coordinate the socio-sanitary services of different administrations, aiming to reduce costs, improve patient experience and achieve greater efficiency and value from health delivery systems. The inclusive approach of INCA can help to remove technological barriers for patient engagement and leverage the “Contribution towards first-time introduction of integrated care programmes” in Member States. This approach will lead to operational deployment of novel organisational models and care pathways for integrated care. The initiative, supported by the European Commission through Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP) ICT Policy Support Programme (PSP), contributes innovative solutions to the current state of art in Chronic Disease Management. It aspires to integrate or facilitate the integration of social programmes beyond the clinical vision of the care chain, with a progressive and flexible implementation tailored to each customer priority. INCA puts the patient in the centre with a personalized network of stakeholders (Social Services, Service providers, GPs, Specialists, Caregivers, Volunteers…), empowering patients to communicate directly with their circle of care.

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