From 27 January to 31 March, participants can submit their ideas for the Smart Society Challenge or prototypes for FI-WARE Excellence.20. Selected teams for each challenge will receive a €2,800 prize and enter the final phase of the contest. During this phase a jury composed of FI-WARE platform developers and other experts will advise candidates on how to improve their prototypes before ultimately presenting their final versions.

Participation in both challenges is possible as they are not exclusive but, the use of the FI-WARE platform is an essential requirement.

Smart Society Challenge will promote innovative and disruptive initiatives from many fields based in the technological use of the FI-WARE platform that improve society. This challenge is looking for FI-WARE based applications to build the future of society. These applications would allow the different players to create new projects, ecosystems and communities linked with education, health and social inclusion, among other issues. Ideas on how to universalize or improve the educational system, tools to help citizens have a greater say in the decision-making processes in their communities and new concepts that ease the monitoring of patients and/or their diagnosis are some of the proposals participants have until 31 March to submit.

FI-WARE Excellence will award the Excellence of those projects that make use of FI-WARE technology. The competition is open to projects that develop applications of any kind with the only requirement being that their implementation be based on the FI-WARE platform.
Participants must send a link to a video -of five minutes or less in length- in which they present their working prototype of an application. The prototypes presented will be evaluated by a jury and those projects (up to 20) scoring seven points or higher will be awarded a €2,800 prize and automatically be entered into the final phase of the challenge. Projects of the challenges Smart Cities, Smart Business & Industry and Smart Society with a score of 7 (or higher) on the second phase of the challenge will be eligible to be classified for this final phase.