Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission for the Digital Agenda, has welcomed the adoption of the European Parliament's position at first reading on the proposal for a Decision establishing a Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP). The Commission presented the RSPP proposal in September 2010 to ensure spectrum is available in Europe to support EU policies, and in particular wireless communications, and forms part of a package of measures to promote the roll-out and take-up of fast and ultra-fast broadband networks. The Parliament's position marks a significant step in the adoption of the programme, which must be implemented urgently so that a more coordinated and efficient use of spectrum in the EU can promote the development of innovative technologies and services, particularly high speed wireless broadband. Wireless broadband is essential to deliver the targets of basic broadband for all by 2013 and fast broadband for all by 2020, key goals of the Digital Agenda for Europe.