2014 EU SME eHealth Competition awards Big White Wall (UK) and Aseptika Limited (also UK) for their solutions for mental health and wellbeing and self-management support for respiratory diseases.

The objective of this competition was to support the business success of SMEs by giving them visibility together with marketing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital.

The 2014 EU SME eHealth Competition first prizes have been awarded to:

  • Champion category: Big White Wall (UK), uses digital technology to transform the way mental and behavioural healthcare is delivered, providing personalised pathways to support and recovery.
  • Promise category: Aseptika Limited - Activ8rlives (UK), has developed a home-based sputum test predicting flare-ups in chest infections in people with long-term respiratory conditions, reducing hospital admissions and improve healthcare.

In this edition there were two categories: Champions (SMEs with a turnover of more than 0.5 M€), and Promises (with less). The jury members thanked the winners for their inspiring ideas, and all agreed the level in this edition has been very high.

The other prizes went to:

  • 2nd Prize Champion: Marand d.o.o. (Slovenia). Think!EHR Platform, a clinical data repository based on open standards.
  • 3rd Prize Champion: Medixine (Finland). Medixine provides eHealth solutions like Remote Home Monitoring & Advanced Patient portals in Europe, Asia and US.
  • 2nd Prize Promise: Surewash (Ireland). Surewash applies cutting edge games technology to hand hygiene training making it fun and educational while also providing management reports for infection control specialists.
  • 3rd Prize Promise: Corehab (Italy). Riablo by CoRehab is a brand new product to perform functional exercises in rehabilitation using sensors and games, a way to multiply time with patients.

The winners will be given visibility together with marketing opportunities to attract customers, partners and external capital. Winners receive also cash prizes, mentoring and free tickets to events, the eHealth Forum 2014 in Athens for example (12-14 May).

UK Preventive Medicine, winner of the 2013 edition, declared: "Winning the competition has helped us gain further international interest in Europe and beyond, big thank you again to the organisers."

For the 2014 edition, 348 SMEs registered (almost double than than last year), and 156 submitted a two page summary explaining the innovation and potential impact of their solutions. Based on this information, 16 companies were selected for the finals, taking place in Nice at the World of Health IT conference (2-4 April 2014).

During the finals, each SME had 5 minutes to explain their solution in front of a jury of international eHealth stakeholders and sponsors: Jean Marc Bourez (Sanofi), Emma Garde (Sanofi), Julien Martel (Alere), Christian Kloss (Alere), Florian Reinaud (Innovation Capital), Marc Pearlman (Oracle Healthcare), Anusuya Krishnamurthy (Tata Consulting Services), Hal Wolf (Senior Health Care Executive), Pascal Lardier (Health 2.0), Jan-Eric Slot (Bernhoven Hospital) and Stephen Lieber (HIMSS).

The Competition was organized by TICBioMed, a non for profit Spanish eHealth association.

More information: www.ehealthcompetition.eu