On 30 of June the ELG and VP Kroes meet to discuss the roadmap's implementation plan.This meeting will focus on engaging with the whole electronics value chain.

On 14 February 2014 the Electronic Leaders Group (ELG), that represent today's major electronic industry players in Europe, submitted to Vice-President of the European Commission @NeelieKroesEU responsible for the Digital Agenda 'A European Industrial Strategic Roadmap for Micro- and Nanoelectronics components and systems'. The guidelines which Europe should follow for assuring its leadership in the electronics sector.

Three months later the Council adopted the Innovation Investment Package (IIP), following the Commission proposals. Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL) Joint Undertaking is a part of this package. The EU will invest about €1.18 billion in this public-private partnership. A similar amount will come from Member States and the industrial partners will contribute some €1.65 billion.

The ELG and VP Kroes are now scheduled to meet on 30 of June to discuss the roadmap's implementation plan.

This meeting will focus on engaging with the whole electronics value chain. In particular, involving those industries that depend on digital components and systems, such as automotive, aerospace, industrial automation and health. At the same time, the event aims at gaining support from member states and regions for the implementation plan for the industrial roadmap. The goal of this meeting is reaffirm that Europe is determined to maintain design and manufacturing capability and capacity for electronic components and systems as these will drive the digital economy in the foreseeable future.

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