This study (2008-2009) contributes to the creation of a framework for greater legal certainty of eHealth products and services. It also gives an analysis of each member state.

The study identifies and analyses the range of legal and regulatory frameworks for electronic health delivery and services in each Member State and it proposes recommendations to facilitate cross-border services when provided via eHealth applications.

The study also involves a number of selected OECD countries, preferably at national/federal rather than state/province level, in order to build a more international comparison.

The study underpins the implementation and uptake of the eHealth Action Plan, particularly in the legal and regulatory field. It facilitates comparison and potential bringing together of all the national legislations in the EU Member States. To support this aim, a network of appropriate legal associations and companies will be formed in a network throughout Europe, among them lawyers with industry expertise.

Among the study's aims is to favour uptake of eHealth services and encourage the success of the European eHealth industry, indicated within the domain of the i2010 initiative.

The study details 10 good practice examples of legal and regulatory contexts, illustrating a range of different legal models. A horizontal analysis of these examples is made.

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