Would you like to control and optimise your home's 'clima', save costs and remain eco-friendly; know in advance and avoid traffic jams; be alerted when your electric appliances behave abnormally. COSMOS project will enable such things to evolve and act in an automated and autonomous way to improve your life and environment.

COSMOS Project Logo

Cosmos aims at creating machine intelligence by enabling things to learn and evolve based on others experience. The EU-funded COSMOS project aspires to provide innovative features to connected devices or so called 'Things' (smart watches, phones, cars, home appliances, city sensors etc.), enhancing their ability to resolve situations through social learning and interactions, or through back-end powerful analytics and prediction services.

It predicts future problems and envisions solutions that may occur in varying conditions combining and analysing facts and situations as well as extracting useful information by a specific user’s behaviour and past activity. The project also seeks to integrate decentralized management mechanisms working on machine to machine communication and secure data analytics and storage.

The project's prototypes will target to solve real-life problems with high societal impact. Smart heat and electricity management, autonomous and  automated public transport are some of the scenarios which the project works on. The deployment of these technologies can enable the smart city vision by exploiting synergies and sharing knowledge allowing small devices to overcome their structural limitations and making our everyday life easier.

COSMOS will enable things to become more reliable and smarter; it will be one of the tools to handle and analyse the exponentially increasing “born digital” data in real time. Cosmos is an essential first step towards the 'internet of things' era.

Cosmos will be part of the exhibition at ICT 2015 from 20 – 22 October 2015 in Lisbon in the Transform-area.

ICT 2015 - Lisbon - 20-22 October 2015