On 14 November the research and publishing company PatientView is going to launch a search tool to help people find a suitable health app. This occasion will be celebrated with an open day on health apps in Brussels. PatientView also interviewed 250 patient and consumer groups to identify their wants and needs for health apps. Result? Most of all people need apps to give them more control over their health.


The new website (MyHealthApps.net) will be both a search tool and a database giving a complete overview of health and wellbeing apps which were tested by patients. The website will be festively launched on the 14th of November, which includes an exhibition with stands of for example DG CONNECT. You can register for free here.


During May to June 2013, PatientView undertook a pilot survey of 250 disparate patient and consumer groups worldwide. The aim was to determine the qualities people seek in their health apps, learn which of these qualities is the most important, and find out how needs vary among different patients and people. The study was a scoping exercise, with more substantive research by PatientView (in conjunction with myhealthapps.net) scheduled to follow in 2014.

The results of this pilot study have been skewed by the fact that 81% of the participants came from one country (the UK). However, analysis of the data indicates that people who experience similar health challenges (lifestyle issues, for instance, or heart disease) share common needs from a health
app irrespective of their location in the world.

The survey results confirm that people specify five main requirements of health apps:

Apps need to ...

  1. Give people more control over their condition, or keep them healthy (35.2%);
  2. Be easy to use (25.6%);
  3. Be trustworthy (25.1%);
  4. Allow networking with other people like them, or with people who understand them (11.2%);
  5. Be able to be used regularly (2.6%).

For more information and results, please look here.

PatientView is a UK-based research and publishing company which focuses on patient perspectives on health issues.