EXPRESS is a project funded by the European Commission. Its goal is to accelerate the adoption of Smart Systems Integration (SSI) in Europe. This project gathers efforts in education, research, product design and manufacture to develop new business models and markets: an "ecosystem" of the European Smart Systems community.

Smart Systems are everywhere. In many cases, invisible for their users but this kind of technology improve the quality of life in numerous sectors, including healthcare, traffic safety, smart cities, smart buildings or smart houses. Smart Systems development involves a complex circles of integration..

The EXPRESS project, funded by the European Commission, was born to grease these cycles. This involves examining organizations, clusters, roadmaps, and the dynamics of performance from education through the value chain to markets, noting best practice, gaps, needs and opportunities.

The aim is to support the development of an Ecosystem for Smart Systems Integration in Europe. In this context, the goals are identify the existing strands of capability in groupings and value chain players from research to the marketplace, examine the gaps to be bridged and create strategies and tools to complete the eco-cycles of:


EXPRESS consist in 8 organizations consortium from 6 European countries, representing major Smart System clusters from regions across Europe.

Dissemination will be handled in the context of these multi-level collaboration ecosystems.