On 20 November there will be a workshop on so called Key Enabling Technologies for healthcare. What is the European Commission doing  to accelerate the development and take-up of these advanced ICT technologies to address healthcare challenges? What role can Horizon 2020 play?

The workshop falls into the scope of the EC activities under the new research and innovation framework program of the EU, Horizon 2020 (H2020).

In this context, the meeting addresses key challenges to accelerate the deployment of advanced technologies to solve urgent health-related problems and draft recommendations for the work programs in H2020, e.g.:

  • To enable research and innovation oriented along unmet medical needs;
  • To introduce selected technology solutions which are on the verge to become products or gained product status very recently.

A significant part of future goods and services are as yet unknown, but the main driving force behind their development will be Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), such as nanotechnology, micro- and nanoelectronics including semiconductors, advanced materials, biotechnology and photonics. Mastering these technologies means being at the forefront of managing the shift to a low carbon, knowledge-based economy. They play an important role in the R&D, innovation and cluster strategies of many industries and are regarded as crucial for ensuring the competitiveness of European industries in the knowledge economy.

Please find more info on the workshop in the related document below.

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