In a few months, Dublin will become again the European Inno-Conferences Hub with the XXV ISPIM Innovation Conference and the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference taking place!

Dublin will first host the XXV ISPIM Innovation Conference from June 8th to June 11th – bringing together around 500 innovation experts from 50 countries under the focus of "Innovation for Sustainable Economy and Society".

On June 11th, the award ceremony of the Innovation Luminary Awards in the prestigious Dublin City Hall will provide the perfect transition to the Open Innovation 2.0 Conference, held on June 12th in the Dublin Convention Centre. Jointly organized by the European Commission (Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group, OISPG), Dublin City Council and Intel Labs Europe, this whole-day conference will be fully devoted to inspiring sessions and interaction on OI2 business models and ecosystems.

Besides the presentation of the first feedback from the new European research and innovation framework, Horizon 2020, topics like Smart Cities/Smart Citizens, Internet of Everything, beyond the Internet of Things will be discussed. Another important focus will be on the question how to foster modern quadruple helix innovation under the OI2 paradigm.

Seeing Open Innovation as important driver for the future of Europe's economy, the  OI2.0 conference is organised around the concept of short speeches, strong interaction and further development of the ideas, so that the conference outcome has an impact beyond the event.

Join us in Dublin, be part of Europe's wealth-wellbeing-welfare future!

Registration will open soon – keep yourself updated on Twitter: