The latest issue of the ePractice Journal features scientific papers on mobile health (mHealth) solutions. How to apply them for the benefit of both healthcare systems and patients? And what about regulatory issues like privacy?

The journal From eHealth to mHealth: Society becomes the driver of its health activities is divided into two parts.

Part 1: Applying mHealth Solutions

  • Applying mHealth Solutions, editorial
  • Making Healthcare More Accessible, Better, Faster, and Cheaper: The MobiGuide Project. Authors: Mor Peleg, Yuval Shahar, Silvana Quaglini
  • Development of Patient Access to Electronic Health Records as a Step towards Ubiquitous Public eHealth. Authors: Isabella Scandurra, Jesper Holgersson, Thomas Lind, Gunilla Myreteg
  • Increasing the Engagement of Citizens in PHR Adoption by Using mHealth. Authors: Claudio Dario, Claudio Saccavini, Lorenzo Gubian, Giorgia Centis, Federica Sandri
  • The Clinical, Epidemiological and Financial Benefits of Telecardiology. Authors: Angelos Tsipis, Emmanouil Petrou
  • Empowering Patients and Promoting Collaborative Practice through mHealth Applications in Psychiatric Care. Authors: Lillian Seow, Adelln Sng, Andrew Page
  • mHealth Redesigning Healthcare Budgets. Authors: Paul De Raeve, Dorota Kilanska
  • Implementation of RFID Systems for Positive Patient Identification: The ISMETT Experience. Authors: Tommaso Piazza, Sergio D'Angelo

Read the full issue here: European Journal of ePractice nr. 20, November 2013

Part 2: mHealth Regulatory Environments

  • mHealth Regulatory Environments, editorial
  • Being Smart: Challenges in the Use of Mobile Applications in Clinical Settings. Authors: Jennifer Lindley, Juanita Fernando
  • Quality and Safety Strategy for Mobile Health Applications: a Certification Programme. Authors: Javier Ferrero Άlvarez Rementería, Vicente Santana López, Angela Escobar Ubreva, M. Vázquez-Vázquez, Habibullah Rodríguez Contreras, Carmen Sánchez Hinojosa
  • Comparison of US and EU Regulatory Approaches to Mobile Health Apps: Use Cases of Myvisiontrack snd USEFIL. Authors: Homer Papadopoulos, Vaidehi B.Sheth, Michael Wurst
  • eHealth to mHealth – A Journey Precariously Dependent Upon Apps? Authors: Evgenio Mantovani, Ann-Katrin Habbig, Paul De Hert, Paul Quinn, Barry Guihen
  • The Regulatory Context of Mobile Health in the United States and a Conceptual Framework for Privacy and Security. Authors: Robert Furberg, M. Alexis Kirk, Douglas S. Johnston
  • Organising Information Connections for Mobile Healthcare. Author: Ben Van Lier

Read the full issue here: European Journal of ePractice nr. 21, November 2013