A journal with many interesting aspects of EU-US cooperation on eHealth issues has been published.

The journal, published by ePractice and supported by the European Commission, includes the following contributions:

  • The transatlantic cooperation framework for eHealth: Potential benefits to global health. Author: Clayton Hamilton, Ramesh Krishnamurthy
  • COCIR perspectives on advancing eHealth in Europe: Need for healthcare transformation towards seamless integrated care. Author: DENJOY Nicole
  • Driving continuous improvement in health information with the development of Guiding Principles for national health data collections. Author: Barbara Foley, M. Rachel Flynn, Tracy O'Carroll, Jane Grimson
  • Cross-Border Interoperability for Travelling Patients: A Proposal for Italian and American Patients. Author: Claudio Dario, Tommaso Piazza, Elena Vio, Arianna Cocchiglia, Sergio D'Angelo
  • Realising the Interoperable ‘Web-of-Care’. Author: Edward Conley
  • A potential ‘eHealth Digital Divide’ among Developed Countries. Author: Thierry Jean Pierre
  • EU-US Memorandum of Understanding and Europeanisation: eHealth Services Standards of Care. Author: Paul De Raeve
  • The EU-US eHealth cooperation: A transgovernmental approach. Author: Alexandros Stylianou