This initiative offers the opportunity to legal residents and stakeholders (politicians, public administrators, policy/decision-makers) to get informed about the latest developments (legislation initiatives, migration procedures, etc.) at national and European level. Targeted services for both type of users are also offered matching their daily needs.

This initiative is crucial in the stimulation, promotion and analysis of labour migration policies within the European framework.

ImmigrationPolicy2.0 is an innovative web-based platform that provides new ways on how policy-makers and potentially other end-users can use the power of social networks to improve the policy- and/ or opinion- making process. The ImmigrationPolicy2.0 platform offers a single entry to a range of services that motivate citizens’ participation in the process of migration policy making while at the same time support politicians, policy and decision makers to collaboratively provide their contributions towards gaps identification and migration policies modelling and harmonisation.

ImmigrationPolicy2.0 website