Passionate about the future of health care? Looking to find out more about Horizon 2020 funding, network with potential partners and discuss ideas? Come to Florence for ICT Proposers' Day 2014 and sign up to the Health Data & Modelling and ICT for Integrated Care Networking Sessions!

The session on Health Data & Modelling will focus on how health data collection and computer modelling , along with simulations, can enable us to digitally represent a patient's health status promote self-management of health.

The session will also present prizes which provide alternative opportunities to develop innovative solutions by offering a financial reward for completing a specific technological challenge. In this case the challenge is to enable citizens to precisely and efficiently assess their food intake and provide optimal recommendations to improve their health and well-being.

The ICT for Integrated Care session will present "Research and innovation actions" that aim to go beyond the current state of art in tele-health and tele-care systems by developing new approaches for integrated care supported by ICT systems and services.

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