ICT and Art Connect sets out to bring together artists and technologists to explore new ways of working. The creative processes in the Arts have been identified by all leading high tech companies as crucial for technological progress. Google, Apple and many others now routinely include artists in their development teams.
Collaborative acts of co-creation, together with an open and multidisciplinary discussion will foster the blending of Art and Technology. The coordination action FET-ART has played a crucial role in helping advance this initiative by a set of activities that allowed practitioners in technology and the Arts to meet, collaborate and discuss the future of such collaborations.

Launched in 2013, FET-ART, in a few months, succeeded in organising several consultation and matchmaking events across Europe that brought together artists and technologists. It also has supported 18 residencies of artists within technology organisations. These residences developed pilot projects centred on co-creation and citizen engagement in ICT.

A FET-ART residency: exploring the concept of collective intelligence through a choreographer dancing with drones

On 11 and 12 May, FET-ART has organised its final event: 'ICT & Art Connect so far: elements to orient the future' . The projects developed through the residency programme have been presented in a show and an exhibition curated by FET-ART partner Black Cube Collective (Edinburg); and hosted by FoAM, an art centre in Brussels. An event at EC building concluded FET-ART. The event was opened by Anne Glover who emphasised the strong links of science, technology and the Arts.
Pathways opened by FET-ART will be continued in various ways. By projects that were selected in recent calls that include artists, by future calls, and by a study that was launched in 2014 to analyses opportunities and challenges from bringing together the arts and ICT.
More info on the final event  is available at the project website.

You can also take part to the ICT ART CNECT.study.