Please refer to this guide which explains the concept of the overall exhibition at ICT 2015 in Lisbon (20-22 October 2015) and gives more details for the exhibitors.

poster of the conference with text "innovate, connect, transform"


CCL Centro de Congressos de Lisboa, Praça das Industrias - 1300-307 Lisboa, Portugal

Who can exhibit?

  • Advanced research projects;
  • Research, technology and innovation projects with high-tech prototype demonstrators;
  • Companies demonstrating innovative products less than 2 year on the market;
  • ICT research and innovation stakeholders from around the world engaged in successful collaboration with European partners.


The 3 main themes will look at what will be the impact of ICT for individuals; on people's direct environment and as connected to the society and world at large. They will show the changes ICT brings in the technological, societal and business area and how ICT influences creativity, doing business, science, manufacturing or doing research.

Theme 1 - INNOVATE: focus on innovation and creativity – innovative power of European research

  1. Innovation Radar: projects collected by the Innovation Radar with highest potential of Innovation;
  2. Open platforms for Innovation: digital social innovation (CAPS), platforms for urban innovation, future internet experimentation;
  3. Digital Science and Education and new ways of doing science including the Flagships, crowd funding, crowd participation, learning, multi-disciplinarity;
  4. ICT for culture and creativity: visualisation, games, new creative tools, visual analytics, creative content;  Interactive media, virtual identity, augmented reality; new user interfaces, ICT for arts, media – artists and ICT; cultural heritage;
  5. STARTS – Innovation at the nexus of science, technology and the arts.

Theme 2 - CONNECT People: focus on citizens – connecting power of European research

  1. Online public services "digital services" targeting governments and citizens including also citizen protection, e-participation linking with trust, security, data protection, eID, e-government, cloud services, different platform activities, collective participation in decision making, open access, big data;
  2. ICT for a changing society bringing together eHealth, eInclusion, active and healthy aging, enabling disabled to participate, including activities towards personalised customised healthcare and wellbeing, service robots;
  3. Connected society targeting how ICT influences your direct personal environment (on the move, at home) including mobile applications, KET enabled products for the home, IoT applications, embedded systems, human-ICT, brain – IT interaction;
  4. Connected smart cities "smarter, sustainable, social cities": smart buildings, smart environments, smart mobility; how ICT allows to optimise the resources (energy, water, smart GRID, LED...) including the aspect of green living; building a city where all fit in (old, young, disabled...), eInclusion, smart homes for independent living;
  5. Youth radar targeting young people and society at large and how ICT and EC has supported engagement of young people in research, new business and allows them to connect and participate world-wide.

Theme 3 - TRANSFORM Industry and Business: focus on digital economy – transformative power of European research

  1. ICT for industry "ICT as industry" targeting industrial applications including agriculture; manufacturing 2020, 3D manufacturing, KETs, robotics in manufacturing, new ways of work, Graphene flagship;
  2. New business applications, business innovation, provides also room for VC, business angels, crowd funding, open access, big data, cloud;
  3. Future Internet, future internet & its applications, 5G, IoT, M2M.

Selection criteria

Proposals for the exhibits will be selected based upon their:

  • attractiveness,visual impact of the demonstrator/prototype - weight factor 25%;
  • interactivity with visitors / ease of comprehension – weight factor 25%;
  • innovation of the device/service – weight factor 20%;
  • potential impact / success story for devices/services already on the market – weight factor 20%;
  • maturity of the demonstrator/prototype – weight factor 10%.


  • submission of a short video (up to 5 min.) will be considered an asset (please give us the link in the submission form, knowing that you can also send us a file at a later stage), as well as for a start-up, SME presenting the demonstrator;
  • info given in the submission form will be used for the online exhibition catalogue (description, photo, visuals, etc), if you are selected to exhibit. Attention needs to be paid that there is no copyright on pictures.

What is provided to the exhibitors - for FREE:

  • A standard booth between 15 and 20 square meters, including walls and construction elements, and a banner for identifying the project. In exceptional cases a double stand can be allocated but it must be clearly required in the application form;
  • Booths will be equipped with visual ID and booth name, document displayer, table with 4 chairs, lockable counter with 2 high chairs, 1 LAN connection, Wi-Fi access, electrical power, lighting);
  • Free admissions to the event, including catering;
  • Online catalogue of the Exhibitors and publicity (web/social media, press).

What is NOT provided:

  • Supplementary Internet capacity (to be specified in the request);
  • Equipment costs (e.g. PCs, rental of specific equipment if needed) - you have to bring your own equipment;
  • Transportation costs for equipment;
  • Travel and accommodation costs for personnel (NB: stands must be staffed continuously during the three days of the exhibition; you must arrive the day before to setup the stand beforehand and need time to dismantle the stand afterwards);
  • Insurance costs;
  • Any other costs associated with the stand.


The call for exhibitors is closed since 19 April 2015 18.00 CET.
Final list of exhibitors (online catalogue) will be published at the end of July 2015.

For more information please contact us.

ICT 2015 - Lisbon - 20-22 October 2015