Funding for research in the biomedical sciences must address the needs for better health care, as well as support the opportunities for advancing knowledge, in a long term vision towards improving health and reducing the impact of disease. In developing its strategy and priority settings, the European Union has emphasized the importance of implementation of new knowledge. Translation into clinical practice and active participation of industry has been stimulated in collaborative projects, but novel approaches are needed. In particular, the need for innovation, referring to application of discoveries and development of a related economical activity which further drives and stimulates research, calls for new partnerships and task sharing. The European Commission has presented its proposal “Europe 2020 Flagship Initiative - Innovation Union” in which this vision is spelled out together with a number of measures for achieving it. The workshop, held on 4-5 Nov. 2010, provided a discussion forum that has analyzed the needs in CVD research and care, ways to move forward and the broader perspectives for EU policy.

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