The High-Level Group on the future use of the UHF frequency band (470-790 MHz) chaired by Mr Pascal Lamy was convened by the Vice-President of the European Commission Neelie Kroes.

The High-Level Group met twice, on 13 January and 10 March 2014. It has focused its discussion on the following questions:

  1. What are the shaping factors of the evolution of demand for services in the next 10 years for both broadband and broadcast, including video?
  2. How can network capacity be improved:
    • in terms of better reuse of existing spectrum rights in the UHF band;
    • in terms of network type and topology (e.g. SFN);
    • in terms of next-generation transmission or compression technology (e.g. DVBT2, LTE-A, HEVC);
    • in terms of utilising spectrum assets outside the UHF band;
    • and in terms of other technological measures?
    Both broadband and broadcasting uses should be considered. Each assessment should be accompanied by an estimate of the expected improvement.
  3. What differences do you encounter across the Member States regarding (video) service demand and network capacity such as levels of broadcasting service penetration, LTE network deployment or usage of frequency bands?
  4. How does Europe compare to other parts of the world in terms of services and networks. Does Europe lag behind? What are the merits of Europe being aligned with global developments or going its own way?