Are you attending the eHealth Week in Dublin (13-15 May)? Yes? Come and join the European Commission’s Digital Futures project for a special eHealth Week brainstorming session on health and medicine in 2050.


Futurists are already debating health and medicine in 2050:

“How intimately man and machine will be entwined…to the point where you won’t be able to distinguish what’s in the remit of humans and what's in the remit of technology…is the human going to be the peripheral or the machine?” - Margot Dor, ETSI, reporting on her group's health vision at the European Internet Foundation Futures brainstorm, November 25th 2012.

Do you agree with this future?
Will the ethics hand-book need a rewrite?
What about the money?
Do you have other futures you’d like to develop and debate?

• Join us for the preliminary, warm-up sessions on the Futurium website, even if you can't come to Dublin;

• Brainstorm face-to-face in Dublin with an invited audience from the eHealth Network and the Young Gasteiners;

• Continue the debate afterwards on Futurium. 

This event will be by invitation only and is your opportunity to help shape an idea on a list of Future-driven issues to be submitted to the next European Commission.


Wednesday 15/5/2013
11.00 – 12.00 Rapid intro to Digital Futures

13.30-14.30 World Café on eHealth challenges and issues in 2030-2050

14.30-15.30 World Café on policy issues to be solved en route to 2050


To be eligible to participate in this event, you need to be an eHealth delegate. Please register on the relevant event page on the Futurium website – top right of the page - and then click on the "join in" button. (If you click on "join in" without registering, the website will have no record of your contact details.)

Register here for eHealth Week. For the latest info follow us on Twitter @EU_eHealthWeek.

About eHealth:

Information and communication technology (ICT) can make a huge contribution to maintain cost efficient and high quality healthcare, in times of increased demand and shrinking budgets. And what's more: ICT empowers users to better manage their health and keep control of and responsibility for their lives, where ever they are.
The EU economy can profit from this: there is a big potential for innovation and a growing market for products and services for living healthy and ageing well.
So if we do it right, we can achieve a triple win: a better quality of life for European citizens, innovation and growth for a competitive EU industry and more sustainable healthcare systems for society.
More info:, Twitter: @EU_eHealth

About Digital Futures:

The European Commission's Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technologies (DG CONNECT) has launched the Digital Futures foresight to prepare for reflections on ICT-related policies beyond 2020.
The project's most distinctive feature is the grassroots involvement of stakeholders to define long-term visions (around 2040-50) and anticipate possible challenges and opportunities. By "back-casting" from 2050, Digital Futures will generate ten or so big ideas to inform the policy reflections that will take place in 2014 around the renewal of the European Parliament and the Commission.

Stakeholders use the online platform Futurium to co-create the visions and policy ideas, vote their desirability, likelihood and impacts, and attach scientific evidence to them through a library of relevant references (

Futurium combines the informal character of social networks with the methodological approach of foresight tools. The online engagement process is stimulated by in-person brainstorming workshops that provide a more insightful experience of the participatory approach adopted by Digital Futures.