For Europe's competitiveness in manufacturing, it is crucial that advances in ICT are taken up in engineering and manufacturing "at large" as soon as they have the appropriate maturity level.

Scope: As Phase 2 of I4MS this objective addresses the adoption of the next generation of ICT advances in the manufacturing domain. Focus is on emerging innovative technologies and processes, which need to be customised, integrated, tested and validated before being released on the market. Special emphasis is on strengthening European SMEs along the value chain by adopting new concepts and business models based on servitisation, for product operation, or for end-of-life use.

Two types of innovation experiments are supported: Driven by the requirements of first-time users, Application Experiments bring together all actors of the value chain and experts necessary to equip new users with novel products or services and assist them in customising and applying these in their respective environments. In Equipment Assessment Experiments, suppliers of innovative high-tech equipment install and assess their prototypes or products in production-like environments and validate them in a manufacturing line or in an industrial environment that is very close to manufacturing conditions.

Activities are expected to be clustered in larger projects to achieve critical mass and to better exploit EU-added value. Common tasks include: targeted dissemination; management of calls for new actions; exploitation of synergies across actions.
The action may involve financial support to third parties . The consortium will define the selection process of additional users and suppliers running the experiments for which financial support will be granted (typically in the order of EUR 50 000 – 150 000 per party). Maximum 50% of the EU funding should be allocated to this purpose.

For further reference, please check the summary of the workshop on Fostering Innovation for Cyber-Physical Systems, Advanced Computing and Manufacturing. All the presentations are published here.

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