This Workshop will allow discussions with pledging stakeholders on barriers and success factors, on the main possible impacts of their initiatives, on the use of networks and on further actions needed to maximise the impact of the Grand Coalition.

Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission in charge of the Digital Agenda, will participate in the workshop.


9:30 Opening of the meeting

Lucilla sioli, Head of Unit F4, DG CONNECT

9:45 IDC: Tracking pledges and identifying impacts (followed by Q & A and comments)

IDC and Tech4i2 are currently carrying out a study on the Digital Agenda and Engagement for growth and jobs for DG CONNECT. Its purpose is to mobilise efforts and stimulate engagement among relevant stakeholders in order to launch a policy debate, identify and select initiatives that generate employment and growth, particularly through the use of ICT. As part of the study, IDC is assessing the possible impacts of the pledges addressed to reduce the ICT skills gap, based on their declarations, and will present its results.

10:30 A conversation with Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission in charge of the Digital Agenda

11:30 Interactive session: Group work on pledges: views on progress made, needs for collaboration/ support and main barriers (coordinated by IDC/Tech4i2)

12:30 Networking Lunch

13:30 A Thematic Network in support of the Grand Coalition

14:00 National Coalitions: state of play and synergies with pledges (coordinated by EC)

14:45 Interactive session: Group work to match pledges with potential synergies - Focus on available instruments to overcome barriers (coordinated by IDC/Tech4i2)

15.50 Wrap-up and next steps

Lucilla Sioli, Head of Unit F4, DG CONNECT

16:00 Workshop closes

DG Connect Unit F4 European Commission, IDC & Tech4i2