GENI, a virtual lab exploring large-scale future internet developments, is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the US. Its objectives are to a great extent similar to the EU’s FIRE programme, namely providing collaborative and exploratory environments for academia, industry and the public to usher in ground-breaking discoveries and innovation in emerging global networks. GENI creates major opportunities to understand, innovate and transform global networks and their interactions with society.

Ties are emerging between FIRE and GENI thanks to a series of informal collaborations. The aim of further cooperation would be to explore synergies, to keep track of research progress in the US and Europe, and to improve coordination on a project-to-project basis, as well as to identify common design challenges and ultimately work through them together using common testbeds. Following a joint session on EU-US Innovation Platforms during the Future Internet Assembly in Dublin in May 2013, the two projects decided to discuss the next steps towards more concrete collaboration. Taking this further, in October the project secretariats of GENI and FIRE will organise the first joint conference under this new umbrella of collaboration which focuses more on concrete joint developments, compliance testing, participation in each other’s open calls and the exchange of researchers. Watch this space for more information! More info on GENI at