The purpose of this workshop is to define priority topics for Cloud Experimental Facilities. The outcome of the workshop will be used as an input for the elaboration of the H2020 LEIT Work Programme 2016-17.

Horizon 2020 Workshop Report : Global Cloud Experimental Facilities

This workshop is jointly organised by the units CNECT/E2 and E4 in order to gather inputs from the FIRE and Cloud Computing communities. The workshop should try to answer to the following questions from three perspectives:

  • Supply side: FIRE has already a running facility and experimentations in the field of Cloud Computing. From an assessment of today's FIRE Cloud Computing capabilities, can we identify gaps and how related capabilities could evolve?
  • Demand side: Cloud Computing research and development has produced numerous important results in the recent years. How can these results be tested and validated further? What are the most appropriate experimental facilities and how can these be set up?
  • International aspects: standardisation and interoperability are aspects to be addressed at international level. How can experimental facilities support testing,  validation and standardisation at international level? Which specific topics would need to be addressed?  


The agenda of the event is available here

Presentations given at the workshop are available under related documents.

Intended Audience

Industry, research community and public authorities.

Jointly organised by CNECT/E2(Software and Services, Cloud) and CNECT/E4(Experimental Platforms)