During the course of 2015 and the beginning of 2016, Commissioner Oettinger met key industry leaders, representatives of national initiatives and of industry, employers and union associations in order to start defining the basic building blocks of an overall strategy for digitising European industry. In January 2016, the European Commission published a web page to collect feedback and further suggestions on the "Digitising European Industry" initiative from any interested stakeholder; all contributions are publicly available for consultation.

Khalil Rouhana, Director for Components and Systems in the European Commission - DG Connect, gives in this presentation an overview of  the strategy for digitising European industry.  The web page for providing feedback was open until end of January 2016; all contributions can be consulted here.


In April 2015 Commissioner Opettinger attended the Hannover Messe. Here you can find his speech and blog post. This led to a first draft paper on digitising European industry and a roundtable between the Commissioner and leaders of national initiatives on the digitisation of industry. The documents can be found here:

In September 2015, the Commissioner held a second roundtable with industry leaders:

A webinar was held in November 2015 to identify specific actions which can build on the existing national and regional initiatives. All the contributions are available here, as well as a summary report  and presentation.

In January 2016, a further roundtable was held by Commissioner to present and discuss concrete ideas of a "Digitising European Industry" action plan which have emerged from previous consultation and which are planned to form part of a Commission policy document.