The European Commission launches a call for tenders for a framework contract, divided into 5 lots. The purpose of this call for tenders is the provision of evaluation and impact assessment services to DG CONNECT.

Important change in the TS document under Selection Criteria for Lots 1-5, point 6.2.3 Technical background, Criterion 4: Project Manager (page 32) - please see more information in FAQ document and new Tender Specification document.

The Framework Contract intends to provide a facility through which DG CONNECT directorates/entities can obtain evaluation and impact assessment  related services through a swift and simple procedure. These services will range from providing technical advice, assessment and support, including the development of methodologies and tools, to conducting evaluation analyses and/or impact assessment studies.

The Framework Contract therefore focuses on the following two types of services:

  • External services to support monitoring and evaluations of an ex ante, interim and ex-post nature, as well as impact assessments.
  • Conducting retrospective and prospective evaluation and impact assessment studies and analyses. 

This call for tenders comprises 5 lots:

Lot 1: Technical and methodological assistance in the organisation and implementation of impact assessment and/or ex ante evaluation activities.
Lot 2: Conducting evaluation studies of an interim and/or ex post nature.
Lot 3: In the field of spectrum policy, conducting technical, impact assessment and /or evaluation studies supporting the review and reporting on the application and implementation of EU spectrum law, including Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP).
Lot 4: In the field of regulation of the electronic communications sector, conducting impact assessment and/or evaluations studies.
Lot 5: In the field of audiovisual policy, conducting impact assessment and/or evaluation studies.


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