The European Commission re-launches a call for tenders for Lot 1 of the "Framework contract for the Monitoring of Public Sector Innovation and supporting services" - SMART 2013/0072, with a value of EUR 400 000. The purpose of this call for tenders is the setup and maintenance of the European Observatory on Public Sector Innovation.

In today's context where open data, open services, and open decision practices are starting to be implemented at all levels of public administration, sustainable methodologies must be devised to assess innovation in the Public Sector, in particular concerning increasingly open, distributed and locally‑provisioned eGovernment services.  This lot seeks to support the engagement of Public Sector stakeholders to increase the visibility of the monitoring exercises, so as to boost the practical usage of the monitoring outputs and stimulate further research that makes use of collected data to derive deeper insight about the modernisation of the Public Sector.

The objective of the activities included in this call for tenders is to disseminate information on the status of modernisation of the Public Sector in a set of Relevant Countries to interested stakeholders and to the public in general. More specifically, this will encompass the following activities:

  • To setup and maintain the European Observatory on Public Sector Innovation, which will serve as a means for the dissemination of all the results of Public Sector Innovation monitoring activities undertaken by the Commission and as an evolving repository and reference centre for relevant information about Public Sector modernisation (in Europe and otherwise), and which will allow for communication between the various stakeholders involved in related activities.

This lot will result in up to 3 separate framework contracts.

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