A pioneering telemedicine project for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has recently been launched in a hospital in central France to assess the impact of readmissions due to COPD exacerbations. "Telemedicine programmes already exist in pulmonology, but mainly for patients with sleep apnea," said project leader Dr André Marcuccilli. To his knowledge, the 'Hospitadom' project, which is being carried out at the Moulins-Yzeure Hospital, is the first COPD feasibility study of its kind in France; it uses a Danish pilot as a model. According to the hospital media kit, the pilot project aims to 'establish a telemonitoring system to support and improve the care of chronic respiratory patients.' The study plans to recruit 100 COPD patients who were hospitalised following exacerbations, and then to randomly distribute them between home telemedicine monitoring and conventional care for 15 days.