The European Commission welcomes the creation of the FIWARE Foundation, established by European industry to promote the trend towards open service platforms. This is a visible commitment of European businesses to bring more innovative internet services to consumers, citizens, businesses and the public sector.


FIWARE is a rich and versatile suite of standardised software components which can be used as the basis for creating advanced Internet services and apps faster and at lower cost. It is one of the results of the EU's Public-Private Partnership on the Future Internet. FIWARE was 'born in Europe' and is now being adopted globally. It is today a vibrant community of more than 5000 people from industry, SMEs and startups, from developers and user community in business and the public sector.

Today, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ATOS, Engineering, Orange and Telefonica will announce the setup of the FIWARE Foundation championing the way forward on behalf of the much larger FIWARE community. The Foundation will ensure the long-term availability of FIWARE for users, for free, forever. The Foundation will engage with the open-source developer community and ensure that FIWARE stays at the forefront of technological trends. Connecting startups, SMEs and industry through FIWARE implementations, the foundation will initially focus on three important domains for Europe: Making Europe's manufacturing industry base more digital, turning cities into truly smart places and finally better managing how we grow, process, transport and consume the excellent food we enjoy in Europe.

The European Commission welcomes the FIWARE Foundation as a partner in making the European Digital Single Market a reality, and in helping innovation and entrepreneurship thrive in the EU.

"I am really pleased to see that our investment in the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership paid off so well. The creation of the foundation confirms industry's commitment to FIWARE's future and openness. I expect the FIWARE community to contribute to the Commission's work to build a digital single market". Roberto Viola, Director General DG CONNECT

The European Commission is continuing to support FIWARE through its Horizon 2020 research and innovation framework programme. For example, people proposing projects related to leadership in enabling and industrial technologies, and projects in ICT in climate, food and health in Work Programme 2016-2017 are encouraged to use FIWARE for some or all of their platform development or to make their platforms interoperable with FIWARE. FIWARE will also have a role in up-coming policy initiatives on the digitalization of European industry, cloud and the data economy as part of the Commission's Digital Single Market strategy.


FIWARE is an open alternative to existing proprietary Internet platforms. It enables easy development and deployment of advanced Internet applications. It was developed through the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership, a European programme for Internet innovation through the EU's commitment to help entrepreneurs thrive in Europe via the Startup Europe initiative.  Led by industry and driven by users the Future Internet PPP addressed the challenge of Internet development in Europe by accelerating the development and adoption of an open Internet service platform, advancing the European market for smart infrastructures and increasing the effectiveness of business processes through the Internet.

FIWARE provides enhanced OpenStack-based cloud hosting capabilities and a rich library of components. These components, called the “Generic Enablers”, provide open standard APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that make it easier to connect to Internet of Things devices, process data and media in real-time at large scale, perform Big Data analysis or incorporate advanced features to interact with the user. In FIWARE, API specifications are public and royalty-free, supported by open source reference implementations. Thanks to that, alternative FIWARE providers can emerge faster in the market.

One key user segment is the public sector and notably cities trying to get the most out of the internet.  As part of the Open and Agile Smart Cities initiative, almost 90 cities have expressed already their desire to use the FIWARE open service platform technology to accelerate smart city services. The open nature of FIWARE makes it a preferred candidate for innovation procurement by regions and cities.

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