In the context of publication of the European Cyber Security Strategy and Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning measures to ensure a high common level of network and information security across the Union (COM(2013) 48 final), the Communications Networks, Content and Technology  Directorate-General (DG Connect) initiated a feasibility study on the implementation of a European-wide Early Warning and Response System (EWRS) against cyber-attacks and disruptions.
This study is performed by a team from Deloitte on behalf of the European Commission and aims to support the implementation of the Cyber Security Strategy for Europe.
The study team has progressed in the analysis of key survey topics and would like to propose our understanding of the requirements put forward by the community for the European-wide Early Warning and Response System (EWRS). This includes:
  •  Key results of the analysis of the survey regarding the expectations from the community of the European-wide EWRS;
  • High-level requirements for the European-wide EWRS which arose out of the analysis;
  •  Possible deployment scenario’s to consider in the feasibility study which will conclude in September 2013;
  •  Presentation of the next project phase, being the creation of an implementation plan for a European-wide EWRS.

In presenting those topics, the study team with validate the findings with the expectations the workshop participants would have of such a platform and the way it should be implemented.

For those who would like to attend but are not able to attend the workshop in-person, there will be an audio-streaming over the Internet. Please contact for registering.

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