This study outlines recommendations which the European Commission and the Member States should take into account when moving towards the implementation of a European-wide Early Warning and Response System.

These were compiled based on the analysis of documentary sources corroborated with input from the stakeholder community. The most important consensus points are:

  • A European-wide EWRS should show its added value as soon as possible, preventing long-winded analysis processes.
  • The stakeholders should be involved early in the implementation phase to ensure the system suits their current needs and re-uses or complements existing national practices and technology solutions.
  • The stakeholder community does not see any technological obstacles in realising a system with added value.

The analysis shows that without a true community willing to share information through trust, the platform will fail and that legal requirements for information sharing still exist and must be taken into account. Also, it is a demanding task to set up an adequate governance for such a platform.

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