The study analyses the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the Research Infrastructures (RI) component of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), assesses its European Added Value and formulates strategic and operational recommendations for future Community RI actions.

It was launched in January 2013 and covers in its quantitative analyses the contracts signed under the FP7 RI programme before the end of 2012. The study addresses a total 313 projects, with total EC funding of €1,357m, and 4,649 participations. Close to 1,600 organizations are involved.
The report confirms the high relevance of the FP7 RI programme, “in the sense that its objectives correspond to the policy needs” and “projects funded are largely consistent with meeting those objectives as well as with RI users' needs.”
It concludes that the “FP7 RI programme has made a significant step forward in the efficiency and effectiveness of its support to the European research infrastructure” compared to the FP6.