Over 700 people attended the European Robotics Forum 2016 in Ljubljana on 21-23 March 2016. The programme was packed with workshops, awards and lab visits presenting European robotics. The lab visits and the exhibition offered a chance to see the robots from some of the most successful EU funded projects. The presentations from the workshops organised by the European Commission are available at the bottom of this page.

The European Commission hosted a number of workshops showing the results of some of the best projects from FP7 as well as presentations of the new research- and innovation projects from H2020. There were also workshops on Robotics and Robotic & Internet of Things, as well as a number of workshops on Digitising European Industry dealing with platforms, skills, regional robotics innovation hubs & financing for SMEs and smart regulation.

The European Commission workshops were:

  1. The New H2020 Robotics Projects in the SPARC Strategy (21st March 2016)
  2. Step Change Results from FP7 Projects (21st March 2016)
  3. EU Programmes: New Funding Opportunities for Robotics Projects (23rd March 2016)
  4. Robotics & Internet of Things (23rd March 2016)
  5. The DEI sessions (22nd March 2016)
  • Digitising the European Industry (DEI) – Robotics Innovation Hubs (RIH): From Regional to European Initiatives
  • Digitising the European Industry (DEI): Platforms
  • Digitising the European Industry (DEI): Digital skills and Workforce
  • Digitising the European Industry (DEI): Smart Regulation for Smart Industry

To learn more about the conference and the venue please visit the ERF 2016 website.

The European Robotics Forum is a conference and exhibition on robotics in Europe. It is all about meeting people. It's a chance to network among researchers, engineers, managers, and a growing number of entrepreneurs and business people involved in robotics from all over Europe.

It is organised by euRobotics, which represents the private side of SPARC the partnership for robotics in Europe.  Discussions on topics and contents during the ERF have an immediate impact on the roadmapping process for Robotics in Europe, which will define the priorities, technologies and strategic developments of European research, development and innovation (R&D&I).

The next European Robotics Forum will be organised on 22-24th March 2017 in Edinburgh.



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