An international consortium called MAGIC has been awarded €3.6 million from the EU's Horizon 2020 programme to improve care for stroke patients. The launch was welcomed by Northern Irish Health Minister Simon Hamilton and President Luciano D’Alfonso of the Italian Abruzzo Region.

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The Northern Ireland-led project, entitled 'Mobile Assistance for Groups and Individuals in the Community' (MAGIC), aims to discover innovative approaches to post-stroke care with a view to improving the independence of stroke survivors. It will use Pre-Commercial Procurement to engage industry providers who will be required to compete through several phases of solution development and testing.

1 in 3 stroke patients suffers decline in health and wellbeing

It is estimated that stroke costs Europe’s health and social care services hundreds of millions every year. Currently, around a third of stroke patients suffer a decline in health and wellbeing post-stroke and it is recognised that many require additional support to achieve their optimum level of recovery.

The importance of the project MAGIC for the local regions was highlighted during the launch on Friday 15th January. President Luciano D’Alfonso, the President of the Abruzzo Region, opened the meeting.

Northern Irish Health Minister Simon Hamilton says in a press release: "The MAGIC project will enable us to work with other European regions and with industry to explore and develop innovative ways to empower patients post-stroke. It will allow us to find new approaches which will enable survivors of stroke to have a higher quality of life and reduce the need for long-term care."

According to Project Coordinator Julie-Ann Walkden (HSC’s Business Services Organisation), "The MAGIC Consortium consists of strong, committed and reliable partners and we feel confident together we will deliver a high achieving Horizon 2020 Pre-Commercial Procurement to improve the rehabilitation of stroke patients."

The MAGIC project will run until 2019 (no website available yet). Within MAGIC there are six partners, three in Italy and three in Northern Ireland. Other partners are drawn from Ireland, Finland, Spain, Luxembourg and Denmark.

  • Read the press release ('Health Minister welcomes £2.7million European funding for innovation to help stroke survivors', website of the Northern Irish Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety).