When attempting to be actively involved in the Startup scene, it is imperative to understand it. That's why the EU Commission wants to work together with entrepreneurs and investors who are already a part of the network. In this context, the Startup Europe Advisory Board has been established, with the goal to help the EU Commission to lead the current Startup Europe projects. The Board should also make a wider reflection as to what can be done to further the development of a Digital Single Market strategy using startups.

"When joining the board, I did not know what to expect. Would I be able to influence anything or is it just a nice-to-have initiative? But the ride has already been memorable and we truly have a say. From influencing how the nine projects operate to advising Vice President Ansip with concrete actions-it is all coming together." Dmitri Sarle,founder and CEO of ArcticStartup

From serial entrepreneurs, to specialists in the corporate world, to those working with investors, to those knowing how LP markets operate, the board covers the whole ecosystem:

  • Dmitri Sarle - founder and CEO of ArcticStartup, a startup media, events and community organization. Dmitri has established over five companies and currently specializes in communication, community building and startup mentorship.
  • Bindi Karia - From being a Vice President of Silicon Valley bank to leading startup related work at Microsoft UK - Bindi knows every little bit about how startups work with larger corporations.
  • Kaidi Ruusalepp - Founder and CEO of Funderbeam, a startup investment marketplace. With background in legal, political and government operations - Kaidi has turned into an entrepreneur and knows the intricacies of how large systems operate. 
  • Marie Ekeland - Major figure in the VC world, Marie has been a part of a French VC Firm Elaia Partners and invested in companies such as Criteo, that IPO'd on Nasdaq. Currently Marie has established a new fund - Daphni. 
  • Matthias Ummenhofer - Founding partner at Mojo.Capital, Matthias has an extensive experience on the LP side. He has previously worked as the Head of Venture Capital at European Investment Fund and was an Advisor and Executive Board Member of the European Investment Bank.