To help patients manage their chronic heart and kidney disease, the European Union has awarded 2,6 million euros to the CARRE project. A group of interdisciplinary researchers will develop personalised alerting, planning and educational services. This will empower patients, and both professionals and patients will be able to make shared informed decisions on the disease.  


Cardiorenal syndrome is the condition characterised by simultaneous kidney and heart failure while the primarily failing organ may be either the heart or the kidney. Very often the dysfunction occurs when the failing organ precipitates the failure of the other.

Current studies estimate that 9-16% of the overall population is at risk or at the onset of chronic kidney disease, while chronic heart failure amounts to 1-2% of total healthcare costs and end-stage renal disease for more than 2% of total healthcare.


Managing or even preventing this complex but common situation can be challenging: Comorbidities require care provision by different medical specialities while addressing a chronic patient trying to lead a normal life.

According to Robert Johnstone of the International Alliance of Patient Organizations there is a clear need for "patients to get up off their knees"!  

Interlinked clinical information

To tackle this problem, the European Commission has decided to fund the CARRE project. This project will use internet aware sensors and other sources of medical information to provide dynamically interlinked clinical information personalized to the patient.

Patients and clinicians will be able to visualise, understand and interact with this linked knowledge via a set of decision support service in an all-inclusive and integrated approach the patient with (or at risk of) cardiorenal disease and comorbidities.


The CARRE consortium consists of 6 partners from 4 countries (Greece, United Kingdom, Lithuania and Poland) and is coordinated by the Democritus University of Thrace in Alexandroupoli, Greece.

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Contact person: Eleni Kaldoudi (Democritus University of Thrace, Greece)

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