In order to create a new Experts Database, the eTEN Unit has published a call for independent experts for 2005-2006. People registered in this database are prospective candidates to assist the Commission in evaluating eTEN proposals received in response to calls for proposals and in reviewing individual on-going eTEN projects. The evaluation process serves to determine whether or not a proposal is suitable to receive EU funding via the eTEN programme. The purpose of the renewal is to update the database of experts. All individuals in the current database will be informed of the change and invited to transfer to the new database if they so wish. Experts hired by the Commission after 31 December 2004 must have registered themselves in the new database. The call will remain open until 31 December 2006, the ending date of the current eTEN programme. The database will remain in use until 30 June 2009 to fulfill the need for independent reviewers for on-going eTEN projects.