The epSOS Projectathon was held in Bratislava, Slovakia from 22nd to 25th November, 2010. The Projectathon is a Connectathon-inspired event to test if the healthcare systems are ready to meet the epSOS specifications. The Projectathon was open to all epSOS Member States, the epSOS Industry Team, the epSOS II Enlarged Team and all interested vendors.

During these four days welcoming 140 participants, the epSOS Member States presented National Contact Points (10 of 12 MSs; AU, CZ, DK, DE, ES, FR, GR, IT, SE, SL; have proposed pilot sites out of these nine (except DE) of them have successfully tested cross-border patient data exchange in a very good atmosphere among the participants due to the excellent organization by the Slovak host.

A lot of high-quality experience was gained with regards to the epSOS specifications and also the extended IHE testing tool aka Gazelle. Also the possibility for the national developers and testers to share knowledge and experience has been valuable in helping each other out in the most direct manner.

Many issues/problems could be fixed in the course of the PAT improving semantic interoperability, increasing security and avoiding other real patient safety issues.

Now it is clear which steps need to be taken next regarding the technical and organizational level in order to make the pilot operation (with real patient data) successful.

The pilot sites are planned to start early 2011 for a 12 month duration.

Several scenarios are foreseen for the pilot:

Patient Summary

  • Scenario 1: acting as Country B (receiver of patient information)
  • Scenario 2: acting as Country A (sender of patient information)


  • Scenario 3: acting as Country A (sender of prescription information)
  • Scenario 4: acting as Country B (receiver of prescription information)

Is it expected that 30.157 Healthcare professionals will be involved in the pilot:

Infrastructure and n° of people involved:

Healthcare professional organisations: 3.445

  • Hospitals: 183
  • Pharmacies: 2.149
  • Points of care (GPs): 1.113

Hunman resources involved

Total n° of Healthcare professionals: 30.157

More information on the epSOS specifications