This is the main event in relation to Open Data/ PSI policy for the year 2013 - come and join the discussion!

Join us for the 2013 ePSI platform conference!

The ePSI platform is a Commission-funded one-stop-shop for information around reuse of public sector information.

This conference will address the following areas through plenary sessions and smaller workshops in parallel tracks:

  • Ensureing impact of Open Data
  • Transport Data: from local to national to European
  • Open Data & liability: fiction or faith?
  • Open Data in Poland: The state of play
  • Charging policies in practice: experiences from the satellite data domain
  • Privacy and open data: Siamese twins or mortal enemies?
  • Being small: Incubating open data policies in small countries
  • Big data & open data: Two of a kind?
  • Licensing of open data: None, Creative Commons or roll your own?
  • Crisis and Open Data: a show stopper or accelerator?

Participation is free, but registration is required.

Learn more and register through this website: