ENISA has been working on 2013 on a series of studies on the topics of risk assessment, security requirements and incident management for trust service providers issuing electronic certificates, as well as the security aspects of the new trust services foreseen in the Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions, which will supersede the current Directive 1999/93/EC on a Community framework for electronic signatures.

ENISA aims to validate the results of its studies with stakeholders, and for this purpose we have planned both a workshop and a survey on the topic of security aspects of trust services. The objective of the workshop is not just to present and discuss the results of ENISA studies, but also to promote an open exchange of ideas among the different stakeholders involved in the trust services sector.

The workshop has been structured to achieve the following targets:

  • To present the studies conducted by ENISA on the topics on security of trust services: risk assessment guidelines, security measures, trust breaches and security aspects of the new trust services defined in the Regulation.
  • To validate the results of the studies with participants’ feedback. We have selected a format for the sessions to contribute to open discussion.
  • To facilitate the dialog among the different stakeholders of the trust service sector: providers (for any type of trust services), regulators, supervisors, independent forums, etc.

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