During eHealth Week 2013 in Dublin (13-15/5) the European Commission is organizing a workshop on legal issues surrounding cross-border eHealth deployment.

This session aims to be a follow-up to the "Staff Working Document on the existing EU legal framework applicable  to Telemedicine services" and discuss the remaining legal issues impeding eHealth deployment across borders.

It  will be structured around 3 topics: medical liability, the review of the data protection directive and  the recognition of healthcare professional qualifications.

The medical liability issue will be presented by one of the authors of the  "Study on the legal framework towards interoperable eHealth", while the data protection review will be explained by a legal expert from the German Ministry of Health.

A representative from the industry (Continua) will present the EU legal provisions ensuring the recognition of healthcare professionals qualifications.

All the presentations will then be followed by a brainstorming session with the audience to identify possible solutions and options to improve the legal framework of eHealth in Europe.

The programme:

Session on the legal issues related to eHealth
14th May 2013, eHealth Week

10.45-10.55 Welcome speech from the European Commission – brief overview of existing EU legislative to increase legal clarity for eHealth – Peteris Zilgalvis (DG CONNECT, EC)

10.55-11.05 Overview of Irish legal framework to promote eHealth - Dr Tracey Cooper (CEO Health Information and Quality Authority, Ireland)

Session 1: Presentation of 3 legal issues impeding eHealth

11.10-11.25 the wide diversity of medical liability regimes in the EU – Prof. Jos Dumortier (KUL, BE), chief author of the "Study on the legal framework towards interoperable e-health"

11.25-11.40 Recognition of healthcare professional qualifications: is it legal barrier to eHealth? – Petra Wilson (Continua)

11.40-11.55 Proposal for a General Data Protection Regulation: Towards a unification of data protection rules - overview of the provisions related to health - Dr M. v. Schwanenflügel (Ministry of Health, DE)

Session 2: International Café session

The audience is divided in 3 groups on the legal issues identified in the 1st session. Each group should discuss the existing barriers, how to improve the legal situation, what are the possible options for the EC, what could be discussed with Member States etc.

• Group on medical liability – moderator and rapporteur: Prof Jos Dumortier
• Group on healthcare professional qualifications – moderator and rapporteur: Petra Wilson (Continua)
• Group on Data Protection – moderator and rapporteur: Dr M. v. Schwanenflügel

Conclusion: Presentation of the results of each group to the audience