The three winners of the eEurope awards for eHealth – which showcase IST tools and best practices for boosting the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of public services – were announced at a formal ceremony, part of the eHealth 2004 Conference in Cork (Ireland). The organisers received 109 submissions in response to their November 2003 call for projects exemplifying European best practice in the use of e-Health tools and services for citizens’ information, administrative support, and home care/tele-medicine. This second edition of the eEurope Awards for e-Health, was organised by the EU’s Irish Presidency, the European Commission and the European Institute of Public Administration in Maastricht. The four eEurope Awards planned for 2003-2005 (two in e-Health and two in e-Government) embody the spirit of the eEurope Initiative by promoting the exchange of best practices among EU Member States, candidate countries and EFTA countries in eGovernment and other areas under the eEurope Action Plan 2005.