This conference will look at what administrations can do with smart digital health solutions.

This event is taking place in the frame of Italian semester Presidency of the European Union.


Francesco Sicurello, President of International Institute of Tele-Medicine (IITM), University of Milano – Bicocca, Coordinator of PTUD.


  • Administrative information systems        
  • Electronic documents and protocols    
  • Digital signature / electronic identity cards    
  • Biometrics, cryptography and security
  • Smart cards in p.a. and health services
  • Smart media and social networks
  • Data bases and data banks in social health and in epidemiology
  • Local, regional and national information systems in PA and health    
  • Internet services and web portals
  • Government and health 2.0
  • Ontology in health care and PA systems
  • T-government and mobile health
  • eLearning and web access to knowledge
  • Cloud computing in PA and healthcare.
  • Business intelligence in government organizations and healthcare
  • Digital divide and international cooperation on ICT applications in government and health administations

More information and registration:

Alessandro Donzelli, tel. +39 0362 627190, email: